Introducing the No Nuts CymVeilTM

In response to requests for No Nuts wear and the aversion to T-Shirts combined with the need to provide quiet solutions for drummers during the pandemic, The No Nuts CymVeilTM was born.  The CymVeilTM was developed to give drummers a cool and unique way to reduce cymbal volume.  The Eyelet in the middle of the 22"x22" CymVeilTMl fits perfectly over the No Nuts® Cymbal Sleeve.   Completely cover your cymbal and strike through it or fold the CymVeilTM in half and strike the cymbal directly.  Either way, your cymbal will be partially muted for situations requiring low volume cymbals.   You can also use a CymRing® to lock the CymVeilTM over the cymbal sleeve from the corners if this is what you prefer.

CymVeilTM also protects your cymbals from dust when waiting for your next jam session or from the sun during outdoor gigs.   

The CymVeilTM is our first wearable item from No Nuts Percussion.  Bandanas have many cool uses.  Pick your favorite fashion options for the CymVeil bandana.

 The CymVeilTM is cool drum kit artwork that makes a perfect decoration for your music space.  Simply hang it on the wall.