About Us

The No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve was 1st conceived in 2015.  Looking for a way to develop a product without a nut so cymbals can be placed on and off quickly.  

While using the threading was the initial approach, it finally happened....the light bulb went off and it became obvious....with the right material, compression fit was the way to go. Why play to the threading at the end of the stand.  This was the first step to success....realizing that the threading at the end of the cymbal stand was not necessary.  

After hours and hours of patent searching, it became evident that no-one had ever invented a cymbal sleeve that was compression fit.   We had an avenue for protecting the idea that would make taking it to the next step worth it!  This is where the real work started, not just getting through the patent process, but finding a material that could meet the challenge.   After much hard work and a couple of years, the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve was finally issued a Patent in 2017.

Working through a myriad of production issues, the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve was commercially available for the 1st time in April of 2019.  

It's original purpose was to speed up cymbal set-ups and tear-downs for the gigging drummer.  This was good, but how do we make No Nuts more than just a cymbal sleeve??  This is when the accessory ideas became an obsession.  

No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, became the No Nuts Cymbal Mounting System thanks to the invent of the CymRings.  Tapering the Sleeve and offering a compression fit ring to position cymbals for optimal movement and resonance turned us into a Cymbal Mounting System.  Stacking two cymbals is one configurations being used everywhere.  

Today, we are No Nuts Percussion with 6 percussion products available.  We have Black Red and Silver Sleeves, The CymRings, The SizzleNut Sizzler and the CymVeil, a low volume cymbal alternative.

No Nuts Percussion is a growing business, working on new products in the Drum Lab!  Welcome to Our Family and we hope to make your life and the life of every drummer better with our products!!

Musically Yours, 

No Nuts Bill

Owner / Inventor