The No Nuts® Cymbal Sleeve was our 1st game-changer.  The CymRing® was our second game-changer.  The CymRing®, (AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND TRANSLUCENT WHITE PACKS OF 6) took the sleeve to the next level.  It took No Nuts® from cymbal sleeve to Cymbal Mounting System with the additional of Positional Mounting and Cymbal Stacking. 


  • Elastomeric Compression Fit on No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve
  • Squeeze Fits on Sleeve and Stays with Sleeve When Packed Up
  • Use CymRings to Position Cymbal Along Tapered Sleeve
  • Supports Cymbal Under
  • Lock Down Cymbal Over (Splash or China)
  • Use In-Between Cymbals
  • Vertical Positioning is Now Possible with No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves
  • Fabulous for Hi-Hat Clutch! 




CYMBAL STACKING - More than one cymbal on one sleeve!

CYMBAL PINCHING - Limit Cymbal movement to your desire.

USE CYMRINGS FOR YOUR HI HAT CLUTCH - Improved direct response and never lose their shape!.  Never worry about a flattened out felt again!

POSITION YOUR CYMBAL WHERE YOU WANT IT ALONG THE TAPERED SLEEVE - Cymbal holes are different.  Use a tight fitting CymRing to locate your cymbal in the right place on the sleeve! 


    Introducing the No Nuts CymRings®

    The typical method for supporting and positioning cymbals from underneath has been carried out with felts, which fit loosely over the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve or any standard plastic cymbal mounting sleeves.  With the No Nuts® patented taper, by stacking felts or having thin, thick combinations of felts under the cymbal, the cymbal movement and resonance can be adjusted as the cymbal moves up the tapered sleeve.  We thought long and hard about finding a way to make this simpler and then it hit us, what if we used compression fit technology to specifically position each cymbal?  The No Nuts CymRings® were born!  The No Nuts CymRings® are compression fit rubber rings designed to eliminate and/or cooperate with felts to provide exact positioning of each individual cymbal on the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve, providing cymbal customization control to the drummer with a single universal cymbal mounting system.   

    The No Nuts CymRing® were designed and refined just for this purpose.  By combining the proper dimensions in conjunction with the proper hardness of the elastomer, the CymRings® provide a number of benefits.   The CymRings® have been designed to fit tightly onto the sleeve under the cymbal or on top of the cymbal to provide the drummer with performance control.  The Cymring® is able to be specifically positioned due to its tight fit on the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve.  No product exists on the market today that not only supports the cymbal from underneath, but also can be used above the cymbal to tighten it down and prevent it from dismounting from the NNCS.   Positional stacking of cymbals is also possible, as in the case of a splash or a china.  

    Cymbal Resonance Control - How long do I want my cymbal to ring?  Do I want to take advantage of the higher tones my cymbal was designed to produce?   Lower tones tend to be there all the time, but the higher tones get lost in unnecessary dampening from alternative mounting products.  

    Cymbal Movement Control - How much swing do I want with my cymbal?  Is my cymbal hole smaller and requires some fit adjustment up the sleeve?  

    The CymRing is your experiment waiting to happen.  Mix it up and try new things.  That's what drummers do!!!

    The Hi-Hat Clutch Too?!

    CymRings® are quickly moving into the Hi-Hat clutch space.  While drummers have been almost exclusively using felts on the Hi-Hat clutch, the CymRings are the new game in town.  The CymRings® do not change shape over time and will last a drummer for years on their Hi-Hat clutch.  The increased compression from the rubber offers a direct response from foot to Hi-Hat that is very noticeable.  This improved direct response and control will not slowly shift and change like you find with the compression and eventual flattening of felts.  One product now providing not only cymbal mounting customization, but also improved Hi-Hat performance!!