The SizzleNut ™ takes advantage of our open ended sleeve that no other Sizzler product can offer.  While nothing beats a moody ride with rivets for brushwork or ballads, the SizzleNut is the easiest and fastest riveted cymbal substitute to put into action. 

      The SizzleNut is simply placed into the hole at the end of the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve and let go!  We have sized the SizzleNut to drape over the largest of rides.  Any drummer can have a convincing and moody rivet sound in seconds.  If you're a drummer who's looking to spice up their cymbals, or who wants to get an authentic jazz riveted sound without drilling, try The SizzleNut. 

  • Fits Tightly onto Cymbal Sleeve
  • Rotate Connector to Adjust Chain Length
  • On/Off with One Hand
  • Reposition Chain in the Connector
  • Cool Logo Tag :)