Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What is the No Nuts System?"

A: Our first and most important product is the No Nuts Sleeve.  We have now released two products built specifically for the No Nuts Sleeve, the No Nuts CymRings and the No Nuts SizzleNut.  These 3 products form the No Nuts System for customization and creativity at the end of every Cymbal Stand!

Q:  "Are No Nuts Sleeves made from a hard plastic? Will they damage my cymbals?"

A:  No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves are made from a flexible durable polymer.   They protect your cymbal from the metal cymbal stand post.

Q: "What Color Sleeves are Available? 

A:  No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves come in 7 colors!!   Black, Silver Sparkle, Red, White, Blue, Green and Yellow

Q: "Do I need felts with No Nuts Sleeves?"

A:  You do not need felts.  The thick flexible base gently supports the cymbal.  Because it is more like a stiff rubber than a hard plastic, it allows the cymbal to rest comfortably.  Try No Nuts with and without felts and decide for yourself.

Q: "Are CymRings like felts?"

A: CymRings are a game changer.  They carryout multiple functions.  CymRings replace felts under the cymbal.  CymRings are designed with a tight fit to the No Nuts Sleeve allowing them to be packed away with the stand unlike felts.  CymRings do not dampen as much as felts and allow your Cymbals to Ring longer....CymRing.  Cymbal hole sizes can vary.  Control your cymbal ring and movement by using the CymRing under your cymbal.  Position your cymbal along the tapered No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve for just the right action!!

Q: "What Color CymRings are Available? 

A:  No Nuts CymRings come in Black and Translucent White

Q:  "Do No Nuts Sleeves come in different sizes?"

A:  No Nuts Sleeves come in one size, which will all 8mm stands.  The inside diameter of the sleeve is 7.9mm.   

Q:  "Can I use No Nuts Sleeves on 6mm posts?" 

A:  YES!!  There are two solutions that work to get you to the promise land   If the 6mm post has a collar below the threading that is wider, you can push the No Nuts Sleeve down over the collar for a strong squeeze fit.  Axis stands have smaller posts with no collar and No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves were too loose.   When no collar exists under the threading, wrap some tape (drumstick grip tape or whatever you have) around the post a few times to make it thicker.  The sleeve will bind up and stay in place for as long as you desire.  

Q:  "How do I put No Nuts Sleeves on?"

A:  First, remove all components on top of your cymbal stand (wingnuts, felts, sleeves, washers, etc.).  Place No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve on top of post. While gripping the base, press down and twist clockwise. You might be able to press on without twisting, but sometimes it helps. Check out our Demonstration Video

Q:  "How long do No Nuts Sleeves last?"

A: 2022 Answer:  They are lasting drummers for years!!!  

Original 2019 answer - This will depend on how often you play and your style... but they last a long time! On my personal set (which gets used several times per week for rehearsals and 90 minute rock shows every weekend) I have had my original sleeves on for over a YEAR and haven't had to change them yet! Several customers have told me their sleeves have held up for at least a year as well and they gig constantly. The drumsets in my rehearsal studio get used between 5-12 hours every day so I tend to change those every 5-6 months. 

Q:  "Are No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves easy to remove?" 

A:   You can literally lift your whole cymbal stand with the cymbal sleeve.  To remove them, grab the stand and pull up on the sleeve with a slight twisting motion.  They come off with a some effort.  The good thing is that they are also hard to steal!!  It will be obvious from a distance if someone is trying to take them.


Q:  "Are there times when you don't recommend using No Nuts Sleeves?"

A:  There used to be a time when cymbals mounted at a slant more than 45' would not work, but now with the new CymRings, this is no longer the case!!  CymRings have a tight fit that secure the cymbal in place even when mounted upside down on a stand!!   We even have Special Order No Nuts Sleeves to accommodate upside down mounting!!!

Q: "What is the SizzleNut?"

A: The SizzleNut is not your typical Sizzler.  You simply place it over the cymbal sleeve (or it can also be used on standard mounts) and twist the connector to adjust the length of the chain for just the right sound.  You can even add on a second chain if more sizzle is desired!  

Q:  "Can I find No Nuts Products in stores?"

A:  We are slowly adding retail stores, but you will have to call and find out if your local music store carries our product.  The more inquiries, the more they may seek us out.  We sell it here on-line and expect to have more and more retailers, rehearsal facilities, instructors and smaller retailers pick us up over time.  Please follow us on our FACEBOOK Page  our FACEBOOK Group and our INSTAGRAM Page!!!

Q:  "Do you ship overseas?"

A:  We now ship from our website via Royal Mail throughout the UK.  Simply select the UK option at checkout.  We also have dealers and distributors online in other countries.  Let us know where you are located and we will quickly direct you.