About Us

Rodney Pino and Bill McFadden are the Co-Inventors of No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves. Conceived in 2015. Patented in 2017. Commercially available in 2019. 


Rodney Pino is a professional musician.  While drums is his primary instrument, he also plays guitar and sings.  Rodney is actively in and managing two tribute bands - No Duh, A Tribute to No Doubt and So Madonna...you can figure that one out.  Rodney is also the owner of Grooveworks Studios in Gardena, CA since 2000.  His passions are mixed martial arts, motorcycles and his wife Meghann :) 


Bill McFadden is also a musician.  Keyboards are his primary instrument, but he also plays bass, trumpet and sings.  Bill was in Escape, A Tribute to Journey and The Rodney Band.  As one of the original founders of Grooveworks in 2000, Bill left the business in 2004 while pursuing his career as an executive in the polymer industry.  He has 30 yrs experience in the contract manufacturing of components with specialty polymers.    


Rodney and Bill have been friends for over 20 years.  From band mates to studio partners and now the co-inventors of No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves!!   We hope you enjoy No Nuts!!  Designed and Manufactured by Musicians for Musicians!!